How to Start a League

All it takes is a few energetic people interested in forming a league. We will help guide you to complete all of the necessary steps and logistics to get started. One of the most frequent questions asked is: "Do we need to have a dedicated professional facility?" The answer is no. Every community already has Futsal facilities, school gymnasiums that sit idle on the weekends. The biggest task is talking to the school administration about usage and assuring them that Futsal is not a sport in which the ball is constantly in contact with the walls. We will provide insurance with the facility named as the insured. Our staff at CFAN can assist in this way with references.

Fees:  Player Registration fees are $ 9.00 for each youth player and $ 13.00 for each Adult Player. A portion of these fees fund our support system to the leagues. The majority provide all the necessary insurances of Individual Player Medical and Facility Liability ($1,000.000). 

Competitions: State, Regional and National tournaments are held annually.     

Click here for League Affiliation, Player Registration, Coach Registration, Referee Registration.  Additional Player Registration forms will be sent upon request at the beginning of your playing season. Online registration is also available at Player passes are available (optional for league play).

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